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the last leaves in maharlika beach

these days, i notice that im gaining weight .OMG!beer- belly started to be noticeable.i think i need to have an exercise regimen,jogging perhaps,or going to gym.with a busy schedule that i have,i decided to go swimming early in the morning before the parlor opens at 8 am.
so this morning at 6 am,together with my friend mario we went to maharlika swimming resort.
what caught my attention was this tree.

the last leaves

the last leaves

it reminds me of one of my favorite songs,the last leaf  by the cascades.but in this picture,its not one leaf.i rather call it the last leaves.

in case you dont know the song here it is…

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hair serum:effective hair styling product.

i have been a hairdresser for 18 years now and i have  already tried  many hairstyling products in my clients-gel,wax,hairspray,styling mousse,baby oil,mineral oil.pomade(is it still in the market?)hair cream,leave-in conditioner and even egg yolk when theres nothing available.

and of all the products i used, i like the hair serum or hair cuticle is now readily available in supermarkets and drugstores (and in my salon)in different brands.



What Is A Hair Serum
Hair serum makes the hair shiner and does not allow them to entangle. It protects the hair from the damages done by over exposure to sun and hair styling products. The effect of the serum application remains till the next wash. It should be applied after a hair wash.

How to apply hair serum:

Applying hair serum is quite easy.
• First wash your hair normally with a shampoo then wash them with cold water so that open pores close.
• Then take 4 -5 drops of the hair serum on the palm of the hand and apply them on the hair and let the hair dry normally.
• After applying the serum there is no need to wash the hair with water again as the serum does not have any harmful chemicals. Serum is basically silicon oil that is non-sticky in nature. And because of its non-sticky nature it protects the hair from dust, pollution and sun.

How does a hair serum work…
The hair serum forms a thin protective layer on the hair strands. It returns the moisture lost due to exposure to sun, heat generated from the hair styling gadgets. It is used to set broken and frizzy hair.

It is primarily used for dry and frizzy hair, which breaks easily, or hairs that have under gone excessive chemical treatments like perming, coloring,hair relaxing and hair rebonding.

The hair serum provides nourishment to the hair, which makes them strong, and they don ‘t break away easily. It also conditions the hair, which makes them healthy, silky and shiny.

With today’s rushed lifestyle, pollution, excessive hairstyling, bad eating habits, exposure to sun for long periods and lack of hair care our hair tend to lose their shine. Bringing back the lost shine is not a one-day affair. to regain lost luster one has to regularly eat nutritious food and fruits and indulge in regular exercise and stay away from stress.


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mutya ng calumpang 2009 concluded

the candidates in festival attire

the candidates in thier festival attire

miss genevieve mutya is this year’s  mutya ng calumpang in a coronation night held at calumpang gym last night.genevieve,a 17 year first year BSBA student of mindanao state universty outshined other 13 contestants in   her beauty and intelligence.she is the representative of purok oblipas


mutya is this year’s  miss perfect image,miss body beautiful,best in playsuit,best in gown and a full scholarship from Jescholars academia international as miss JSA.

miss sk

miss sk

MISS SK  is Crystal jan Aguilar,a representative of catapang heights.she is currently taking up nursing in notre dame of dadiangas university.she won best in talent,best in festival attire,miss hotlegs,miss sunniest personality and my sponsorship miss timberline beauty salon which entitled her a free hot oil treatment ,manicure and pedicure in the salon.

miss timberline beauty salon

miss timberline beauty salon,having free hot oil,manicure and pedicure

a pretty lass from purok puting bato,Edlyn Yntig ,is this year’s miss tourism.

miss tourism

miss tourism

first runner up

first runner up

2nd runner up

2nd runner up

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how to spend money wisely

yesterday was  a busy day in the parlor.maybe because it was work in offices.or it was one day after payday,medyo may budget pa pang parlor.actually di naman masyado maraming customer,it just happen na dalawa lang kami nagduty kaya busy-busy-han kami  .absent yung dalawa kong kasama.ewan ko ba sa kanila…

so gupit marathon ang color…hair relax…etc…nang biglang…OMG! BROWNOUT!patay kang bata ka ,paano to ngayon?.at kung kailan walang kuryente,dun pa dumadagsa  ang mga kliyente(nag ryhme?)napakainit pa naman kung walang aircon,walang blowdry,di rin magamit ang steamer.well,payag naman ang mga customer kahit walang blower,basta magupitan lang daw wala akong magawa but to gupit,gupit,gupit.pinapawisan ako habang nagugupit.hay…ganito talaga ang kumita ng konting pera,magtiis.di ko na inalintana ang pagod.

now it makes me realize the value of money.the hard earned money. di pala madaling kitain ang isip ko lang,para di naman masayang ang ating pagod,we should know how to spend our money wisely.

i got these tips from hope it will help us.


  1. Find clothes on sale. Look for clearance sales at stores. Try stores like DD’s discounts (they have awesome jeans for P25o.  if yuo search   hard enough). You can go through the mall and often bump into P100  tank top and p200.jeans, and buy one, get one free events. Be sure to buy basic items like a long tank top, a basic t shirt, and at least 2 pairs of jeans.
  2. Find versatile footwear. Buy a pair of flip flops (black or white because they match with everything) for a dollar at Target’s dollar section. Purchase lasting sneakers on clearance at Journey’s (about $20 for good quality) and nice going-out shoes from Payless Shoes.
  3. Avoid splurging too much at once. If you go out to the movies, for example, don’t buy movie theatre snacks. Instead, after the theatre, get a milkshake or doughnut from a store nearby.
  4. Accessorize. Accssories are costly sometimes but if you go to Claires and Icing on holidays, stuff will be 50% off. Get all your stuff during holidays. And if you wanna get really creative, make your own purses, bags, wallets, and cell phone and ipod cases by crocheting and knitting.
  5. Save half of each paycheck and use the other half for spending. Or divide it into three, some for spending, some for saving and some for bills.
  6. If your job does not take up all your time, get a part-time job to make more money. Even if this job is a once-a-week thing, if it means more money, go for it!
  7. Do not get a credit card unless you are under deadly circumstances. A credit card just tempts you to splurge out.
  8. Compile a list of what you need, and what you want. Budget for it so that when your salary comes in, you can buy what is on the list. Don’t buy anything that is not on the list, though. Include food, clothes, and extras for the kids.
  9. Treat yourself when you have saved a lot of money. Instead of buying that expensive watch, you bought the cheaper one and saved yourself $300! Celebrate by going out for coffee with a friend.
  10. Ask for a pay raise if you feel you deserve one. Tell your boss why you think you deserve one, and reason fairly.
  11. Know when to limit yourself. If you are a magazine obssessed person and you buy 10 thousand magazines each month, stop! Choose one or two of your favorite magazines and subscribe to them for a year.
  12. Don’t go out and spend all of your money at the pub, drinking. It is such a waste. Limit yourself to a couple of drinks or no drinks per week. Or youcan just quit drinking altogether. IT will save you a lot of money
  13. Go through all of your old stuff, sort out a section that you don’t want and sell it. Hold a garage sale or auction off stuff on eBay. Instant cash!
  14. Buy all your stuff from amazon or eBay. Books that are $49.95 at book shops are $2.07 there!
  15. Avoid borrowing money. It adds up to the cost. You really want something. Put it on a list, and get it next month!
  16. Limit your computer, telephone, television, radio, and electricity time. Use candles instead of lights, watch less TV (if you are obsessed limit yourself to one TV show a day), don’t bother listening to the radio, go and visit your friends instead of calling them…..



  • Go for sales and clearances on holidays.
  • Get really creative and knit or crochet your own clothes and accessories.
  • Limit yourself and don’t go wild with clothes. A reasonable amount of shoes is 4 shoes: a pair of boots, athletic sneakers, flip flops, and goimg-out sandals. At least 2 jeans but less than 5 and a couple of long tanks and tee shirts (normally $5 at Target)
  • Don’t go wild and take your friends out all the time!




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“If given the chance to live again as another person,i  would still choose myself because right now im contented with my life,i have my friends and family who supported me all throughout and most of all,i have a special someone who takes good care of my heart”was the answer of this year’s bb.masayahin 2009,geyan in the question and answer portion of the yearly beauty pageant  held at the  oval plaza yesterday.the miss gay search is just one of the series of activities in gensan’s 2009 KALILANGAN FESTIVAL.

the winning pose

the winning pose

geyan,from general santos city, outshined other 15 candidates because of her  concise answer.other contestants were equally beautiful but answered the questions not direct to the point.they seemed to have impromtu speech.but in fairness,they are all smart. the first and second runner up are both from davao city.this year’s prize is P20,000 for the queen,P15,000 for the first runner up and P10,000 for the second runner up.



first runner up

first runner up


second runner up

second runner up

hair and make up trends2009 was held yesterday,feb. 19, at the atrium of gaisano mall of gensan from 9 am to 5 pm.the event was participated by hairdressers of soccsksargen,salon owners and cosmetology students.many onlookers watched the whole day program since it was held in a was the second time gaisano hosted the hair and make up seminar/competition.the previous venues were  hotels like east asia royal hotel,sydney hotel and phela grande .the event was made possible by miss donna mae congson,owner of envy salon.major sponsor was botanique spa,a new name in hair technology.other sponsors were ever bilena cosmetics,kalilangan foundation,k1o1 fm and abs -cbn gensan and hairs and nails salon.


the program started at 9:30 am but i came to gaisano at 10.a  client caught me up when i was about to go .he insisted to have a haircut which i granted.after15 minutes of haircut(yes!i did it that fast)  i hurriedly headed to gaisano via a motorcyle which i paid for 25 pesos.

i pay 150 pesos  for ther registration.its for the certificate  and for the meals.well,not bad…i noticed that only few attended the seminar unlike the previous years.many seats were vacant it was easy for me to sit down.i cant  find my old friends in the area .where could theyve gone?so i make friends with my seatmates,introducing names and exchanging cellphone numbers.”saang parlor ka?(what parlor yuore into?)was the usual question…most of them were from koronadal city.there were  from gensan too.


roy marquez,senior artistic director of mondes hair salon academie initiated the watch and learn seminar.its about hair rebonding,hair color and hair treatment using thier product.

it was easy for me to grasp what has been taught because i already know some of the procedures…


and the hair and make up and competition started at 1 pm.the first event was men, s cut and style.there were 14 competitors.they were only given 3o minutes to finish the cut and styling.the hair were pre colored .the criteria:30 percent originality in cut,30 percent styling.30 percent originality in color and 10 percent overall impact.


the competitors just finished on time.


ladies cut and style followed.same criteria and time frame.



and lastly,the bridal make up competition.there were also 14 competitors.all the models were beautiful and the bridal gowns were fabulous as well as the head dress.this one caught my attention…the hairdo is superb.


while waiting for the announcement of winners,the audience were entertained by a dance number by the excelsior dancers and a fashionshow by the GBB MODELS  showcasing different hairstyles.the people gave them a warm applause.gbb-model

and finally,the announcement of they are:

mens cut and style…champion!


ladies cut and style….champion!


and the champion for bridal make up which was also the overall champion(the prize ,10,oo0 pesos )…


the GBB models were on the ramp again.

i came back to the parlor with a smile in my was a nice experience.not only i gained knowledge about hairdressing but i was entertained too. i met new friends and the memory will linger in my thoughts as this happened only once a year…

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sweet melody

did  you hear the melody?

the soft and gentle harmony?

did yuor hearts  feel the hymn?

of that melody with sweet rhytmn..

oh i knew you feel the music

that sets yuor soul to dream

you feel the soft wind blowing

and a night bird calling

let me hear the melody

let me feel the music yuo care

let me see the natures beauty

then well sing that sweet melody…

this poem was printed in GSCHS school paper,THE RANCHER IN 1983,inspired by the song from air supply,sweet dreams.

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debbie gibson,out of the blue?

this morning, i was awaked  by an upbeat music over the radio…its OUT OF THE BLUE !by debbie gibson.madali akong bumangon coz for a long time ngayon ko lang uli narinig ang kantang yun…it reminisce me of the past..sometimes in 1987.i bought a cassette tape of debbie gibson ,OUT OF THE BLUE…it was one of my cherished collection.inipon ko talaga and pambili nun from my school allowance.its like 250 pesos.

i was really a fan of debbie .memorize ko na nga lahat ng songs asa album na yun…


nasayangan lang ako,kasi debbie is not active anymore in the music scene.huli kong balita sa kanya ,nagpose  sya ng nude sa  playboy magazine(well, madonna posed nude too in playboy)at nag asawa na rin sya…   bihira lang ang singer na tulad nya…composer(lahat ng kanta sa album nya sya ang nagcompose.she  can also play almost all kinds of music the age of 5 she already   composed a song.sinong female singer ngayon ang makakagawa nyan? …its only debbie…

kaya lang, debbie ,where are you now? out of the blue?

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christian bautista,my favorite singer.


when i had my first glimpse of christian bautista  in ABS -CBN’s  star in a million in 2003,i said” this guy has a future in the  music industry”.he has a well modulated-tenor  voice that blends in his broadway-inspired song..but that time, sheryn regis is our bet for the number one slot,but on the final round,erik santos emerged as the champion.sheryn ,only second.marinel santos,3rd(where is she now?)and christian,4th…

but look at christian now…he becomes popular… so fast!…he has many albums now,made sucessful concerts here and abroad,movie projects, appeared in television shows and stageplays.he is also a product endorser-bench,skechers,swatch,to name a few.he’s a good host too.

lets know more of him.

Bautista was born in Manila, Philippines on October 19, 1981. He is the eldest of three siblings of Jo and Ebert Bautista. He was a choir member in their church since he was seven years old

Bautista studied grade school and high school at the International Christian Academy, which also hailed other Filipino actors such as Ryan Eigenmann, Geoffrey Eigenmann, Rico Yan and Billy Joe Crawford. He then took up Landscape Architecture at the University of the Philippines-Diliman, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree.He was a table tennis varsity player during college before focusing on singing and entering showbiz.


and not only hes popular here but also in other countries

Christian’s international success began with “The Way You Look at Me,” getting frequent airplay in Indonesian radio stations. The song became an instant hit among the country’s young music lovers, even if they had yet to see the artist behind the ballad.

The song, penned by American composers Andrew Fromm and Keith Follese became so popular that record label Warner Indonesia decided to bring Christian there to the great delight of the fans whose support for the Filipino singer has been steadily growing and even spreading to neighboring countries.

i just love this song…

my other favorites include:colour everywhere,hands to heaven,so its you,she could be, more than yuo’ll ever know and everything you do.
and im just lucky to see my idol in person and able to shook hands with him during his concert last year in kcc convention here in gensan city …he looks better in person than in screen.i wonder why they split up with rachelle ann go.well,its their problem(?)not mine .hehehe.and now hes paired with karylle marquez?do they make good loveteam? what do you think?

for now.i will continue listening to yuor songs,asian pop idol…