Posted by: lito antoque | February 15, 2009

christian bautista,my favorite singer.


when i had my first glimpse of christian bautista  in ABS -CBN’s  star in a million in 2003,i said” this guy has a future in the  music industry”.he has a well modulated-tenor  voice that blends in his broadway-inspired song..but that time, sheryn regis is our bet for the number one slot,but on the final round,erik santos emerged as the champion.sheryn ,only second.marinel santos,3rd(where is she now?)and christian,4th…

but look at christian now…he becomes popular… so fast!…he has many albums now,made sucessful concerts here and abroad,movie projects, appeared in television shows and stageplays.he is also a product endorser-bench,skechers,swatch,to name a few.he’s a good host too.

lets know more of him.

Bautista was born in Manila, Philippines on October 19, 1981. He is the eldest of three siblings of Jo and Ebert Bautista. He was a choir member in their church since he was seven years old

Bautista studied grade school and high school at the International Christian Academy, which also hailed other Filipino actors such as Ryan Eigenmann, Geoffrey Eigenmann, Rico Yan and Billy Joe Crawford. He then took up Landscape Architecture at the University of the Philippines-Diliman, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree.He was a table tennis varsity player during college before focusing on singing and entering showbiz.


and not only hes popular here but also in other countries

Christian’s international success began with “The Way You Look at Me,” getting frequent airplay in Indonesian radio stations. The song became an instant hit among the country’s young music lovers, even if they had yet to see the artist behind the ballad.

The song, penned by American composers Andrew Fromm and Keith Follese became so popular that record label Warner Indonesia decided to bring Christian there to the great delight of the fans whose support for the Filipino singer has been steadily growing and even spreading to neighboring countries.

i just love this song…

my other favorites include:colour everywhere,hands to heaven,so its you,she could be, more than yuo’ll ever know and everything you do.
and im just lucky to see my idol in person and able to shook hands with him during his concert last year in kcc convention here in gensan city …he looks better in person than in screen.i wonder why they split up with rachelle ann go.well,its their problem(?)not mine .hehehe.and now hes paired with karylle marquez?do they make good loveteam? what do you think?

for now.i will continue listening to yuor songs,asian pop idol…



  1. wow likewise i love that artist…. he’s voice so calm & cold… ballader talga xa… hhehe

    just txt me… hehhe thnx godbless

  2. hi! wow! it’s a good thing you are able to establish the tip I gave 😀 welcome to the blogosphere. 😀 so, you are one of the people behind the success of the event at Gaisano mall last thursday 😀 for more tips. u could refer to His one of the GBB models and he could assist you on giving more tips about blogging! good luck! 😀

  3. i very…very…admire you christian bautista

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