Posted by: lito antoque | February 18, 2009

debbie gibson,out of the blue?

this morning, i was awaked  by an upbeat music over the radio…its OUT OF THE BLUE !by debbie gibson.madali akong bumangon coz for a long time ngayon ko lang uli narinig ang kantang yun…it reminisce me of the past..sometimes in 1987.i bought a cassette tape of debbie gibson ,OUT OF THE BLUE…it was one of my cherished collection.inipon ko talaga and pambili nun from my school allowance.its like 250 pesos.

i was really a fan of debbie .memorize ko na nga lahat ng songs asa album na yun…


nasayangan lang ako,kasi debbie is not active anymore in the music scene.huli kong balita sa kanya ,nagpose  sya ng nude sa  playboy magazine(well, madonna posed nude too in playboy)at nag asawa na rin sya…   bihira lang ang singer na tulad nya…composer(lahat ng kanta sa album nya sya ang nagcompose.she  can also play almost all kinds of music the age of 5 she already   composed a song.sinong female singer ngayon ang makakagawa nyan? …its only debbie…

kaya lang, debbie ,where are you now? out of the blue?



  1. out of the blue…

    wow yun ba ung you took me out, out of the blue… hhehe

    nice song… yu can also put some mp3.. t your website… ka lang pag napag isipan u lng hehhe


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