Posted by: lito antoque | February 20, 2009

hair and make up seminar/competition/fashion show 2009 at gaisano mall.

hair and make up trends2009 was held yesterday,feb. 19, at the atrium of gaisano mall of gensan from 9 am to 5 pm.the event was participated by hairdressers of soccsksargen,salon owners and cosmetology students.many onlookers watched the whole day program since it was held in a was the second time gaisano hosted the hair and make up seminar/competition.the previous venues were  hotels like east asia royal hotel,sydney hotel and phela grande .the event was made possible by miss donna mae congson,owner of envy salon.major sponsor was botanique spa,a new name in hair technology.other sponsors were ever bilena cosmetics,kalilangan foundation,k1o1 fm and abs -cbn gensan and hairs and nails salon.


the program started at 9:30 am but i came to gaisano at 10.a  client caught me up when i was about to go .he insisted to have a haircut which i granted.after15 minutes of haircut(yes!i did it that fast)  i hurriedly headed to gaisano via a motorcyle which i paid for 25 pesos.

i pay 150 pesos  for ther registration.its for the certificate  and for the meals.well,not bad…i noticed that only few attended the seminar unlike the previous years.many seats were vacant it was easy for me to sit down.i cant  find my old friends in the area .where could theyve gone?so i make friends with my seatmates,introducing names and exchanging cellphone numbers.”saang parlor ka?(what parlor yuore into?)was the usual question…most of them were from koronadal city.there were  from gensan too.


roy marquez,senior artistic director of mondes hair salon academie initiated the watch and learn seminar.its about hair rebonding,hair color and hair treatment using thier product.

it was easy for me to grasp what has been taught because i already know some of the procedures…


and the hair and make up and competition started at 1 pm.the first event was men, s cut and style.there were 14 competitors.they were only given 3o minutes to finish the cut and styling.the hair were pre colored .the criteria:30 percent originality in cut,30 percent styling.30 percent originality in color and 10 percent overall impact.


the competitors just finished on time.


ladies cut and style followed.same criteria and time frame.



and lastly,the bridal make up competition.there were also 14 competitors.all the models were beautiful and the bridal gowns were fabulous as well as the head dress.this one caught my attention…the hairdo is superb.


while waiting for the announcement of winners,the audience were entertained by a dance number by the excelsior dancers and a fashionshow by the GBB MODELS  showcasing different hairstyles.the people gave them a warm applause.gbb-model

and finally,the announcement of they are:

mens cut and style…champion!


ladies cut and style….champion!


and the champion for bridal make up which was also the overall champion(the prize ,10,oo0 pesos )…


the GBB models were on the ramp again.

i came back to the parlor with a smile in my was a nice experience.not only i gained knowledge about hairdressing but i was entertained too. i met new friends and the memory will linger in my thoughts as this happened only once a year…



  1. hi.hi..thanks sa video:D

  2. hehhe.. wow nice event… daming contendors… hehhe

  3. wow tnx lito sa pag blog sa event mas nice pa imong pag blog and mas complete pa plus may videos pa ged!!! saludo jud kaayo ko nimo bah!!! thank you thank you jud… manang hid ko ha gamiton nako imong video na nakuha sa event very helpful kaayo ka… join ka sa amoa sa lingaw didto mga bloggers tanan

  4. tanx donna for reading my blog and more for the compliments…yes u can use the videos i took during the hair seminar on gaisano..some more videos on GBB models here:

  5. can you please tell me where is the best hairsalon to begin working when i move to Cape Town.

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