Posted by: lito antoque | February 22, 2009


“If given the chance to live again as another person,i  would still choose myself because right now im contented with my life,i have my friends and family who supported me all throughout and most of all,i have a special someone who takes good care of my heart”was the answer of this year’s bb.masayahin 2009,geyan in the question and answer portion of the yearly beauty pageant  held at the  oval plaza yesterday.the miss gay search is just one of the series of activities in gensan’s 2009 KALILANGAN FESTIVAL.

the winning pose

the winning pose

geyan,from general santos city, outshined other 15 candidates because of her  concise answer.other contestants were equally beautiful but answered the questions not direct to the point.they seemed to have impromtu speech.but in fairness,they are all smart. the first and second runner up are both from davao city.this year’s prize is P20,000 for the queen,P15,000 for the first runner up and P10,000 for the second runner up.



first runner up

first runner up


second runner up

second runner up


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