Posted by: lito antoque | March 2, 2009

how to spend money wisely

yesterday was  a busy day in the parlor.maybe because it was work in offices.or it was one day after payday,medyo may budget pa pang parlor.actually di naman masyado maraming customer,it just happen na dalawa lang kami nagduty kaya busy-busy-han kami  .absent yung dalawa kong kasama.ewan ko ba sa kanila…

so gupit marathon ang color…hair relax…etc…nang biglang…OMG! BROWNOUT!patay kang bata ka ,paano to ngayon?.at kung kailan walang kuryente,dun pa dumadagsa  ang mga kliyente(nag ryhme?)napakainit pa naman kung walang aircon,walang blowdry,di rin magamit ang steamer.well,payag naman ang mga customer kahit walang blower,basta magupitan lang daw wala akong magawa but to gupit,gupit,gupit.pinapawisan ako habang nagugupit.hay…ganito talaga ang kumita ng konting pera,magtiis.di ko na inalintana ang pagod.

now it makes me realize the value of money.the hard earned money. di pala madaling kitain ang isip ko lang,para di naman masayang ang ating pagod,we should know how to spend our money wisely.

i got these tips from hope it will help us.


  1. Find clothes on sale. Look for clearance sales at stores. Try stores like DD’s discounts (they have awesome jeans for P25o.  if yuo search   hard enough). You can go through the mall and often bump into P100  tank top and p200.jeans, and buy one, get one free events. Be sure to buy basic items like a long tank top, a basic t shirt, and at least 2 pairs of jeans.
  2. Find versatile footwear. Buy a pair of flip flops (black or white because they match with everything) for a dollar at Target’s dollar section. Purchase lasting sneakers on clearance at Journey’s (about $20 for good quality) and nice going-out shoes from Payless Shoes.
  3. Avoid splurging too much at once. If you go out to the movies, for example, don’t buy movie theatre snacks. Instead, after the theatre, get a milkshake or doughnut from a store nearby.
  4. Accessorize. Accssories are costly sometimes but if you go to Claires and Icing on holidays, stuff will be 50% off. Get all your stuff during holidays. And if you wanna get really creative, make your own purses, bags, wallets, and cell phone and ipod cases by crocheting and knitting.
  5. Save half of each paycheck and use the other half for spending. Or divide it into three, some for spending, some for saving and some for bills.
  6. If your job does not take up all your time, get a part-time job to make more money. Even if this job is a once-a-week thing, if it means more money, go for it!
  7. Do not get a credit card unless you are under deadly circumstances. A credit card just tempts you to splurge out.
  8. Compile a list of what you need, and what you want. Budget for it so that when your salary comes in, you can buy what is on the list. Don’t buy anything that is not on the list, though. Include food, clothes, and extras for the kids.
  9. Treat yourself when you have saved a lot of money. Instead of buying that expensive watch, you bought the cheaper one and saved yourself $300! Celebrate by going out for coffee with a friend.
  10. Ask for a pay raise if you feel you deserve one. Tell your boss why you think you deserve one, and reason fairly.
  11. Know when to limit yourself. If you are a magazine obssessed person and you buy 10 thousand magazines each month, stop! Choose one or two of your favorite magazines and subscribe to them for a year.
  12. Don’t go out and spend all of your money at the pub, drinking. It is such a waste. Limit yourself to a couple of drinks or no drinks per week. Or youcan just quit drinking altogether. IT will save you a lot of money
  13. Go through all of your old stuff, sort out a section that you don’t want and sell it. Hold a garage sale or auction off stuff on eBay. Instant cash!
  14. Buy all your stuff from amazon or eBay. Books that are $49.95 at book shops are $2.07 there!
  15. Avoid borrowing money. It adds up to the cost. You really want something. Put it on a list, and get it next month!
  16. Limit your computer, telephone, television, radio, and electricity time. Use candles instead of lights, watch less TV (if you are obsessed limit yourself to one TV show a day), don’t bother listening to the radio, go and visit your friends instead of calling them…..



  • Go for sales and clearances on holidays.
  • Get really creative and knit or crochet your own clothes and accessories.
  • Limit yourself and don’t go wild with clothes. A reasonable amount of shoes is 4 shoes: a pair of boots, athletic sneakers, flip flops, and goimg-out sandals. At least 2 jeans but less than 5 and a couple of long tanks and tee shirts (normally $5 at Target)
  • Don’t go wild and take your friends out all the time!





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